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How to Remove a Car Battery in 7 Steps

Car Battery


Batteries die. That’s a reality. Fortunately, they’re easy and comparatively inexpensive to replace. Our service center replaces car batteries all the time and would be happy to do it for you. But if you’re in the mood to get under the hood and do it yourself, read our guide below on how to remove a car battery. A lot of our Washington customers have found that removing a car battery is one of the simplest car maintenance tasks they can do on their own. So, let’s get started!

How to Remove a Car Battery Safely

Did you know that you could cause an electrical short or even an electric shock if your battery is not removed properly? Those mishaps are easy to avoid when you follow certain steps. Here’s how to remove a car battery the safely and get your vehicle back on our Houston, PA roads:

  1. Make sure the car is in Park and the ignition is turned off.
  2. Engage the emergency brake if the car is not on level ground.
  3. Open the hood and locate the battery. You’ll usually find it in one of the front corners.
  4. Disconnect the negative cable (the black cable) first. It’s important to remove this cable first, so as not to cause a short. When it comes time to install the new battery, the order of cables will be reversed. Important: Never touch your wrench to both the positive and negative terminals at the same time so as to avoid electric shock.
  5. Disconnect the positive cable (red cable). Make sure the cables aren’t touching.
  6. If there is a clip or bracket holding the battery into place, remove it.
  7. Lift the old battery straight up and out.

Let the Battery Experts at Washington Hyundai Help

If you found this tutorial on removing a car battery to be helpful, make sure to look at our other service tips and advice. And remember, the experts in our service center are here to help. We get the job done right the first time and do all we can to make the whole experience stress-free for you. You can even schedule service online. We’re just a short drive away from both McMurray, PA and Eighty Four, PA, so contact us today!

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